Dance Lessons

Bachata Dance Lessons and Party in London

On the 3rd Saturday of every month, we provide three levels of friendly Sensual and Modern Bachata dance lessons for two hours by top international instructors at Guy's Bar London Bridge followed by party (social dance) till 2:30 am.

Beginners Lessons

Bachata Kiss beginners lessons

At this stage you will learn some bachata fundamental steps on each event, enough to keep you going for hours of social dancing. We highly recommend to stay for social dancing and practice your new moves with everyone, just tell them that you're a beginner so that they know to take it easy on you.


  • no partner or previous dance knowledge/lessons are necessary.
  • shoes/trainers that are a bit slippery are preferred.
  • wear a comfortable outfit.
  • at least take 3 to 4 beginners lessons before moving up.

Improvers Lessons

Bachata Kiss Improvers Lessons

Now that you know how to do the basic steps without thinking about it, we're going to teach you additional core bachata movement at this stage. This is the stage you get to really enjoy and love to dance till you drop kissing the floor.


  • at least 3 to 4 beginner's bachata dance lessons are necessary for this level
  • take at least 4 to 6 improvers lessons before moving up.

Intermediate & Advanced Lessons

Bachata Kiss Intermediate & Advanced Lessons

This is a mix level and everyone will be pushed to their limit and you'll be getting clear instruction for both intermediate and advanced moves so you can choose the move to practice that suits you. 


  • at least 4 to 6 improvers bachata dance lessons are necessary for this level.
  • never stop learning and we recommend to take lessons at all times to stay ahead of your dancing life and enjoy more.

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